A puzzle platform game prototype where you have to use different mechs to complete the levels.


A stonepunk game prototype in which you can combine the skills of two characters to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

stranger treasures

This project is a tribute to the Netflix television series "Stranger Things". This first-person game invites you to explore the house of the Byers family, to discover transmedia elements from the 70s and 80s.

pocket duels

Multiplayer quiz game project in wich the player who answers the fastest wins the duel.


In a world at war, Víktor Meissner, an apprentice magician, will be drawn into fight to forge his own destiny. Currently in development by @NankuGames.

last train

This project tries to empathize with other humans and help change negative behaviors. Knowing how to manage personal emotions well and empathize with others is the greatest attraction that a human being can have.

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